Forging Fitness for the Modern Professional
Forging Fitness for the Modern Professional






Exercise is one of the best way to maintain a healthy and strong body. Workouts are very essential in shaping your health. They loosen up your joints as well as strengthen your muscles making you healthier and stronger. However, when doing the exercises, there are useful tips you should follow to ensure that your fitness program is functional and beneficial. Here are some very important fitness tips to observe during your exercise.

1. Consistency

Consistency and not time spent on workout is the king. Health experts will tell you to be consistent with your program for effective results. Ensure you maintain your workout periods, say half an hour daily for you to realize positive results. You need to realize that no exercise program will work if the person is not consistent.

2. Effective Exercise Routine

A routine exercise is another fitness tip you should look out for. If you spend 10 minutes jogging, 10 minutes running and another 10 minutes lifting weights, try as much as possible to follow this routine exercise. It will help you a great deal rather than opting for new exercises every other day.

The American Council on Exercise has also put its weight behind a routine exercise program as it has been seen to produce results.

3. Set Realistic Objectives

For you to attain any set goal, it is paramount to set small and medium sized goals. During exercise and workout, you should set small and achievable goals. Do not want to perfect everything all at once. Set short-term goals that will guide you to attain your major objective.

4. Buddy System

Workouts and exercises are a difficult task. Therefore, it is encouraging to find a friend or a relative who is also interested in the workouts. Train with them and encourage each other all through the program. This helps you have courage and determination to attain your goal. This is a fitness tip that has been tried and tested by experts and has been found to contribute heavily to desired results.

5. Take up a Program That Will Fit Your Lifestyle

One fitness tip to observe is to choose a fitness program that fits your lifestyle. Are you the ever-busy type? If you are the kind of people that lack time to visit the gym, you can opt for other programs that will favor you. You can opt for programs such as walking instead of driving.

Go for a plan that will adequately fit your lifestyle as it will offer you a better chance to do the workout.



The Top Crossfit Shoes

Granted, you dont need a special kind of shoes for your regular and normal workout, but then, since you are not in for the good old "regular and normal" workout, you are going to need all the help you can get, beginning from your shoes.

Top on your list should be the top crossfit shoes that will provide stability, comfort and cushion while lifting, sprinting, jumping, etc.

Now that you know the reasons to go for the most suitable, the challenge is, how do you pick the very best? Dont worry.

We know you already work real hard in the gym, that is why we took the work out for you. Compiled below is the list of some the top crossfit shoes for your exercise. Whether all you need is a minimal but stable shoe to ground as you lift or a longer runner, here are the best of the pack:

New Balance Minimums 20v3 (great for light weight support) - Though this is not strictly for weightlifting, yet its minimal drop (which only is 4mm) will support your stance and weight during lifts while its cushioning will provide support during box jumps and sprints. It weighs just a little about 6.5 ounces, it won't slow you down. Likewise, its welded seams stops it from chafing, meaning you can wear it without socks. And oh yes, it means no more unpalatable odors!

Reebok CrossFit Lifter (the best for lifting) - The good folks at Reebok have shot shoe technology to the next level by manufacturing a shoe that can easily fit-in and customizes itself to your feet and environment. It weighs just 13.4ounces with injected TPU in the wheel wedge for optimum stability. The crossfit shoe also comes with a U-form technology for an awesome custom fit. Also, it is armed with a durable nylon mid-foot strap and polyurethane model sockliner.

Merrell Hammer Glove- This amazing shoes gives you comfy as you move from the box to the tracks and back to the weights. It comes equipped with a zero millimeter drop from the heel to the toe, making it perfect for nailing your lifts and keeping stance secured, stable and low to the ground. It has breathable mesh that wraps quite nicely to your foot, making it to look like a glove. A glove that provides medial and lateral support for your training.

Puma Bioweb Elite - If you are supplementing endurance training with CrossFit, then this shoe ought to be high on your list. Thanks to its flexible heel wrap, it provides enough support for lifting and training in the gym. Not only that, it's built to handle road running or any of your outdoor adventures. Need not worry about bumpy cramps, it is equipped with flex grooves which ensures smooth strides on long runs.

Inov-8 F-Lite 232 (The Best for Natural Fit) - If you are into heavy weight Olympic-style lifts, then you want to have a shoe that makes you feel grounded, comfortable and secured. This shoe is very ideal because it has a zero drop which puts you closer to the ground with a spacious toe box that lets you spread your toes for supreme foundation. Its outsole with a super sticky rubber increases friction and prevents you from slipping. No more clumsy blunders.


You also need to know where to buy the top crossfit shoes and I recommend getting them online. There are several good websites out there for buying CF shoes and usually you will get a better deal and more options from them than you will at a retail store. I think the owners of have done the best job of narrowing them down to the best list and finding the top places to get them. That's where I always go for my advice on anything dealing with crossfit.




Crossfit Accessories

Every crossfit athlete is much determined to train harder so that they can improve their overall performance. Being physically fit is certainly the aim of every crossfit athlete. But, how can they become fit without necessary straining? Well, it is through the use of crossfit accessories. In fact, these accessories have been attributed to the success of crossfitters. Here are some crossfit accessories that each and every crossfit athlete must have:

1. Travel roller

This plays a very crucial role in breaking down adhesions, loosening muscle knots and improving flexibility in the body. If you overwork your body, chances are very high that crashing will occur. Well, prevention is better than cure and thus the need to use this roller. It allows your body to recover from exertions hence preventing more injuries. If you are looking for a durable roller, then this roller is your ultimate solution.

2. Reebok Weightlifting and working shoes

The designers of these shoes probably understood what crossfitters wanted for they completely addressed their issues. Honestly, every cross athlete needs shoes that will not only provide them with comfort but also improve their performance. To them, success is all that matters. Some examples of these shoes include Nano 2, 3 and speed.

3. Rogue Wrist Wraps

Though these wraps are absolutely necessary for every crossfitter, they are one of the most important gear for WODs and should only be purchased after a careful thought. Will the wrist wrap be in a possible to provide you with stability during overhead lift? Will it take a lot of time to clean? Well, these are some of the questions that you should ask yourself before deciding to purchase a wrist wrap. Rogue has certainly addressed all your concerns. They came up with both dynamic and versatile wrist wraps.

4. Reebok’s Gloves

Most crossfit athletes get blisters around their hands. However, to the experienced crossfitters, this is just but something normal. But the fact remains the same. Blisters are painful and extremely uncomfortable. Thanks to Reebok for they came up with gloves that provide a barrier between the hand and the bar. Always know that the ideal glove must be thin and you should always be comfortable with.

5. Rogue Jump Ropes

Getting a double-under in the crossfit is quite a hard task. In an effort to reduce the time taken to perfect, it is always advisable to use a jump rope. However, when choosing a jump rope, one needs to be extremely vigilant in order to get the right one. But which exactly is the right one? Well, provided that you get the correctly sized rope, the rest will depend on the individual preferences.

Crossfitters are always concerned about their performance more than anything else. Therefore, when it comes to selecting the best crossfit accessories, every crossfitter should always ensure that they get the best quality. However high the price may be, do not settle for cheap accessories. Always remember that cheap is expensive.

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